5 Tips On How To Choose An Architect

Loving just an architect’s work and design isn’t the main factor when it comes to choosing the right architect for your project. In this article, we will go over some of the tips to select the right architect studio or firm for your project. Whether it’s a big renovation or just a minor work, this is going to be an important article for you.

Who Is An Architect?

An architect is someone who plans, designs and oversees the entire process of the construction of the building. The main job of an architect is to collaborate with the client and construction firm in order to ensure that everything comes out as planned. An architect can work alone or works together as team in a studio or company. Nevertheless, choosing the right one or the right team requires the same process.

How Do Architects Charge?

Most of the architects charge based on the total percentage of the construction cost, usually between 6%-12% of the total build. However, independent architects like to charge on an hourly basis, roughly between $125-$150 per hour.

Tips On How To Choose The Right Architect

Here are some of the tips to look for when hiring architects

1. Look At The Previous Works

Just like hiring any other professionals, looking at an architect’s previous work samples and projects will give you an idea of professionalism, experience and work quality. Things to look for in the work samples are the overall theme and design choice. See if they match your preferences because not everyone’s work style will match your design choice. Then create a shortlist of the ones you feel resonate with your personality.

2. Notice The Chemistry

There will be frequent communication and collaboration between you and architects once they are hired. Therefore prior to the hiring, make sure to notice the chemistry and how well you connect with the team. Notice their communication skills, the ability to present the ideas – how clear are they? What’s their attitude like during the presentation. Make a note of all these points.

3. Discuss The Budget Clearly

Discussing the budget clearly with an architect is also another important factor to keep in mind as the process is a bit different when compared to other professionals. When working with an architect, make sure to request for a complete cost outlines and order of costs, rather than the full quotation as that will have to be calculated again based on the percentage of the total build. Ask them to state clearly the boundaries of their expenses and possible increase once the project is started.

4. Check The Reviews & References

Reviews and references are important when choosing an architect. Look for online reviews and ratings from reputable sources such as the National architect association and if an architect has personal references or recommendations, be sure to take that as a strong possibility as photos of their works and online reviews can all be manipulated and completely different from the reality.

5. Qualifications

Last but not least is to look for an architect’ qualifications and officiality. Check out if an architect is registered with your city’s or town’s council. If you live Australia, then Australia Institute of Architecture is a good place to start. Also don’t forget to enquire with the architects for any legal requirements of the project prior to the hiring.